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Hop on the Connecting Europe Express

Hop on the Connecting Europe Express and enjoy a full European train experience. Whether at home or at the station, have a seat and take part in the activities taking place during the length of the journey. Learn all about the benefits of rail as a sustainable, smart and safe means of transport, plus its role in connecting Europe.

The schedule foresees stops in most European capitals, with events and other activities planned at local level, taking into account local COVID-19 measures.

Join the journey and share your views on how we can encourage more people to take the train and have goods delivered sustainably. Ultimately, this will help us cut transport emissions.

Coordinated by the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Managers (CER), the project will be run not only in cooperation with European rail operators, but also infrastructure managers and numerous other partners at EU and local level. Stay tuned for more information.

The Connecting Europe Express will be one of the European Year of Rail 2021’s most visible initiatives.

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