Why are you sending this train across Europe?

2021 is the European Year of Rail and the #ConnectingEurope Express is our flagship project. It is raising awareness of the benefits of rail and the challenges we still need to overcome. We are also putting a focus on the importance of sustainable infrastructure planning and financing. Visit www.connectingeuropeexpress.eu for the latest updates.

What is happening in my country? Where does the train stop?

You can find all information about the stops, events and other activities on our website. If you are an event organiser and your event is not listed, please send an email to info@connectingeuropeexpress.eu.

How can I participate in the project?

Tickets are not for sale, but please do help welcome the #ConnectingEurope Express and join some of the events and activities taking place at a station near you, COVID-19 measures permitting. Please regularly check our website www.connectingeuropeexpress.eu or follow us on Twitter @Transport_EU for the updates on how to hop on the train.

Why do you need three trains for the #ConnectingEurope Express?

The #ConnectingEurope Express will comprise three different trains to fit the different gauges used in the EU. It is a reminder of the lack of interoperability between some parts of the EU’s rail network, but it also shows the excellent cooperation between rail stakeholders. Visit our website for more information.

Why are Ireland and Finland not on board?

We have not forgotten Ireland or Finland! We are in touch with the national authorities in each country and will soon be able to let you know more via our website www.connectingeuropeexpress.eu

I am a journalist/photographer/blogger interested in hopping on the #ConnectingEurope Express, with whom do I have to get in touch?

We are looking forward to receiving your creative ideas and invite you to send them to info@connectingeuropeexpress.eu

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